Monday, 16 March 2015

Using Spray Paint to update pieces for the Home

Hello and how was your Mother's Day? It was extremely cold here Sunday, grey and rainy, so the best thing to do was eat!

After showering me with lovely cards and gifts I was taken out for brunch, then a little mooch around some shops where fudge was purchased to bring home. After a coffee, fudge and a movie, I was treated to a lovely champagne afternoon tea at a beautiful local hotel.  The drinks were late in arriving to our table, so they took those off the bill as well as giving us our son's afternoon tea for free! Happy Mother's Day to me indeed!

Now that's all past, it's back to crafting. Of course with Easter coming up my attention has been on that, but I wanted to share with you my recent experience of spray painting a very awkward shaped bottle holder!

When I decluttered the house back in January, I came across this wine bottle holder that we were given as a present years ago. It used to sit in our old dining room on a sideboard along with a free standing wine rack and other bits and bobs. When we moved, we didn't have anywhere for it to go, except in a cupboard, and that's where it's been ever since!

It was just plain black, nothing fancy. I still liked it but I have next to nothing black in the house, except for my hubby's office and TV stand! I decided the best thing to do was to spray paint it to match the kitchen where it could have a home.

I cleaned it off and placed it in a box so that I could spray it outdoors without too much paint going everywhere! I chose an off white as I have canisters in a similar colour. I lightly sprayed the first side and left it to dry. I did the other side and realised that it was going to take many many resprays to get it an even colour all over! This took a few weeks (mainly due to bad weather) and I really did wonder if the thing would ever look cream rather than black!  I wouldn't advise choosing such an awkward shape as your first spray paint project!

It has, however, turned out pretty well and now compliments the rest of the canisters I have in the kitchen.

It's not perfect, I can still see the odd bit of black poking through, but it's not put me off using spray paint. There is no way I could have painted this by hand and have it look any good at all.

Have you used spray paint to change something up in your home? For more on my spray painting exploits check out my post Baking tray makeover. I used the same style of paint and technique as I did for my lap tray.

My posts will be a little short and sweet this week. I am busy decorating cakes for my lovely friend's birthday as well as heading out to a concert Wednesday!

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