Friday, 3 October 2014


Where has that week gone? September flew by and was very pleasant weather wise. The start of October has been beautiful but we are due some cold, wet weather soon! Boo! At least I have something to cheer up kids as well as grown ups with this easy paper craft using empty cereal boxes.

I saw this pin where the boxes were covered in scraps of fabric. I thought it was really cute but didn't have any fabric, so I raided my paper stash to see what I could use. I had a mix of paper and card. The card was harder to glue on, especially round the edges of the boxes. But if you use enough glue it will stick....eventually!

As you can see I used any scraps that I had lying around. You can use just about anything and all you need is basic craft glue and some sellotape to stick down the ends of the boxes.

Use plenty of glue on your box and do this in stages if you plan to do a Mummy one like me. If you are covering the whole side with one piece of paper get that glue all over the place!

Start sticking strips of paper or card onto the box in random places to represent bandages.

I did this around the whole of the box, using smaller scraps for the sides with a little overlap from the front.

Here's the Mummy box all done with the strips. I also took a smaller box and used whole pieces of paper to cover it completely for a pumpkin.

Now comes the details!

I used a smaller glue bottle to draw circles for the Mummy's eyes and it's lid for the pupils. I drew the mouth freehand. I decided I wanted friendly critters rather than scary! I drew the pumpkins features free handed too.

I wanted the pumpkin to have a stalk and leaves so drew these and cut out with a flap at the bottom. I then glued the flap to the box so that the stalk and leaves would stand up! I also curled some card and added that to the leaves.

When my son got home he was very keen to make his own. He decided he wanted a Dracula box!

Serious business of gluing!

Sticking some ears on.

Made in the same way as the pumpkin's stalk and leaves.

He really loves how his Dracula box turned out! He drew and cut everything but the eyebrows. Mum's help was needed there! He used red pen to fill in the eyes and blood on the fangs!

A fun and spooky trio!

A great craft for rainy days!

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