Wednesday, 17 December 2014


If you are like me you are probably getting the last few jobs done before all the Christmas food prep begins! I have fudge, cookies, cake and pie to make before the big day so this will be the last before Christmas post.

When I was decorating my tree I pulled out these old baubles of mine that are meant to look frost covered. Over the years, the coating has begun to come off and show the black colour underneath. I decided they were no longer tree worthy but hated to throw them away, so what else could I do? Make them over of course!!

Here they are pre make over!

They are a mixture of light and dark gold and as you can see those colours are wearing thin!

Nasty chip in that one!

I didn't think trying to take the coating off would be very successful so I decided just to paint over them with bolder colours! I liked the idea of using them in the kitchen as ceiling decorations after a few pins I've seen. My kitchen is painted a warm yellow, and my dinner service is primarily blue, so I took half and painted blue and the other half gold. I just used paints I already owned.

Even after painting them, you can still see a hint of the black underneath.

Plus the paint gave them an almost caviar effect, like you can have on your nails. This was not the look I was going for and they certainly did not feel Christmasy! Luckily I have gold and blue glitter paint which I liberally painted all over the baubles.

Up close, you can still see some of the black but it's hardly noticeable now they are suspended from my ceiling!

I love the blue in particular. It's not traditional at all but feels really festive!

I took the original ties off and added different lengths of ribbon so that when they are suspended on the ceiling they create an interesting effect. I chose to hang them directly over my table so no one is hitting their head on them!

They are suspended by making a small loop in the ribbon and then using push pins.

This complements my Christmas table very well. I have a blue fabric runner and place mats, so rather than purchase anything else I incorporated them into a theme with gold and glitter!

I did purchase these adorable blue glitter reindeer though!

They just go so well!

A blue Christmas!

Standing proudly at either end of the table.

I took some blue baubles, added ribbon and attached to the back of the chairs. I didn't want huge ribbons, mainly as it would be too much temptation for the cats!

They tie the theme together.

I bought some cheap gold chargers, gold napkins, blue and gold confetti stars and tiny gold baubles to be used as place cards.

I'd seen rosemary being used as place name wreaths but here I have used a small sprig of thyme which has been attached to the bauble. I took simple kraft tags and wrote the names on them. 

I love my new chargers!

I have added light blue candles that I already owned along with my fun and festive salt and pepper shakers. For Christmas day I will be adding the gingerbread house that my family will make on Christmas Eve. It is one of our traditions!

The candles may have to give up their spot on the table!

I hope you enjoyed a look at my table and that you have been inspired for your own celebrations!
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 11 December 2014


When I was little we would decorate the house on the day I broke up from school. This usually was about a week before Christmas. We had a small tree with a mixture of baubles and large twinkling bulbs. There was a mix of paper signs and a nativity which I would cover all the glass doors on our cabinets. I loved it! Mum always left me in charge of the decorating, it was such a treat and one I looked forward to every year. 

When my husband and I got our first place together, my Mum gave me my childhood tree as we had very little cash. I loved again decorating that tree and creating new memories with my husband.

I had always wanted outside lights but we never had these when I was a kid and we couldn't have them in our first home. A couple of years after we moved, we bought a new tree, but I still decorated my old tree and had this in our dining room, but still no outside lights. That all changed one year when I returned home and found my husband hadd bought a string of lights for the front along with a Santa for our garage roof! From there, it has escalated!

I pretty much always buy or make something new for Christmas every year, so decorating starts a lot earlier!!

I like cosy, rustic and fun, with a little bit of different thrown in bringing back memories of past trips or times together. Here's a little peak at some of my favourite Christmas decorations!

Lights are a big part of our Christmas!

And of course, plenty of lights on the trees!

Big bulbs ARE Christmas to me!

I love seeing them twinkling in amongst the different array of decorations.

My childhood tree with little led lights and lots of decorations!

I love my big tree with the big bulbs twinkling away!

Of course all the family gets in on things with their own tree and lots of lights!

Lights do not have to be just on the tree of course! Here in my kitchen/diner we have little LED lights with present cabinets (thank you Pinterest!)

 I have customised this garland with silver decorations, felt stars and hearts and small white lights.

I love how welcoming this makes the house to guests when they step through the front door.

Santa should always be well lit to deliver all those presents!

I love my vast array of decorations. This one was purchased at the Empire State Building!

Hand painted heart by local crafter

A little hand made glass tree from a local Christmas market. Reminds me of spending time with my best friend.

A selection including Disney decorations from different vacations.

One of my first decorations.

Bought from Disney Florida last year. It is huge!

A little cuddly!

Homemade cinnamon decorations that I made at least 5 years ago and still smell delicious!

Brand new Disney decorations!

Home made initial letters. Painted red, roughed up white at the bottom to represent snow, Santa belt and a little hat!

If you follow me on Facebook you would have seen this wooden tree that I painted for my kitchen/diner. I can't trust my cats with the large trees unsupervised! This is a good compromise!

Here is a simple charger painted with acrylic paints. I love added home made touches.

To keep cosy it's always nice to snuggle in a fleece throw, even better when it had a cute snowman on it!

Tree skirts have a way of attracting an additional decoration!

Who can say no to this cutie?

I love vintage feel rustic decorations and this Santa is no exception!

I hope to see some of your Christmas homes!